Here's a list of stores that carry Maltese/European products in the NYC Area. Please feel free to send in your submissions should you know of other stores in the area that carry products which are usually used in Maltese cuisine.

Leli's Bakery 

- Frozen and Fresh Pastizzi & Qassatat. Great selection of bread including the Maltese Loaf which is definitely the best in the area.

Butcher's Block

-Irish store that carries an array of products that are used in Malta. HP Sauces, Pork bangers, Cadbury chocolates, Mcvities biscuits, soaps (Fa, Timotei, Cussons ecc) and detergents (Dettol, Persil, Lenor)

Myers of Keswick

- Same as Butcher's Block but on a smaller scale.

Amy's Bakery

-Outstanding Ciabattas and Baguettes

Mediterranean Foods 

-A couple of blocks away from Leli's Bakery. Mainly greek but has a wide selection of olives, european chocolate, Kefalotiri cheese (gobon tal-hakk) and pure ground almonds (intrita) by the pound.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Maltese club on Hoyt Ave for great pastizzi and other Maltese foods.