Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy browsing through the recipes and I hope that you find it useful! I have always been fascinated by authentic Maltese cuisine. Unfortunately I have always felt that there was a shortage of information when it comes to real Maltese recipes and their origin. By time many recipes have been tweaked and have lost their original charm. Such changes were inevitable, mainly for health reasons. For instance cooking with lard is no longer a common practice in Malta since people have become more health conscious. When I moved to the US, my love for authentic Maltese cooking grew deeper and I started researching and acquiring old books about Maltese cookery to gain a deeper understanding of my heritage. One item that I have missed in particular was the "gbejna" and after endless gallons of milk wasted and hours of chatting with my friend Georgina (owner of
Tal-Forn blog), we managed to crack the code and started producing gbejniet like pro's! However I was overwhelmed by the amount of divergent information out there on the internet and as a result of this, I decided to start my own blog with simple step-by-step instructions for some traditional Maltese dishes. If you have any questions please click on the contact section.

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